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Humane League

The club activities will be headed under the patronage of Shri.P.S.Velusamy, Chairman, SSM Groups and Shri.C.Kandaswamy, Secretary, SSM Groups, Shri. K.Shanmugavel and Shri.K.Sivaraj, Executive Directors, SSM Groups. The club is guided by Dr.R.Chandran Campus Director, SSMIET and Dr.D.Senthil Kumaran, Principal, SSMIET. The Club is coordinated by Dr.N.Sampathkumar, Head, Department of Chemistry.
The student members will be coordinated by executive members, whose details are as follows:

Vice- president: V. SWATHY III- CSE
Joint Secretary: J. DIANA GULZIN III- ECE
Treasurers: S. MUTHU RAJ IV- MECH



Environmental activities


Social Welfare activities


Other activities


Environmental activities


“Sponsor a tree on  birthday”


Students and faculty members can sponsor for planting a tree sapling inside our college campus on their birthdays or on any other dates of their choice. This would make our campus greener in days to come. Apart from this, some hundreds of tree saplings shall be planted inside our college campus. The plantation of tree saplings can be made even in other schools, hospitals, colleges, polytechnics and other places in and around dindigul. The entire event can be clubbed with other trust (for ex. Maram Madurai, Ref: for financial assistance.



“Walk for a Cause”


Organizing a rally inside dindigul town for a noble cause and creating awareness among local public. The cause may be about “Say NO to alcohol”, “Stop using Tobacco”, “HIV awareness”, etc. The rally can be inaugurated by District collector, Assistant Commissioner, etc.



“Meet your friend, Nature”


Leading a natural life is important. To avoid the usage of plastics inside the college campus.To maintain cleanliness inside the college campus.



“Say NO to Genetically Modified foods”


To create awareness about the genetically modified foods among students community and provide them sufficient knowledge to enhance the same to others in the society. Insisting the students and public about the effects of GM foods and make them avoid it. Imparting proper knowledge to students about organic farming.



“Conserve Energy”


Conserving energy to the maximum and to provide better India.Creating awareness among students to conserve energy. Students themselves become a watchdog and oversee the energy conservation inside our campus. (ex. To switch the fans, light if not necessary, making use of water efficiently, etc)



“Be Indian, buy Indian”


Creating awareness among students to buy Indian made products. This would increase the Indian economy atleast to a slightest degree.



“Free Medical Camp”


Conducting free medical camps inside our college campus and creating awareness amongst students about healthy living.



“Educating people on Hygiene and cleanliness”


Creating awareness among the local public about the need of hygiene and cleanliness and the effects caused by them.



Social Welfare activities



“Adopt a child for a year”


Adopting a child for a year from some orphanage or even from semi-orphanages. This would cover the expenses of the student like tuition fee, book fee, shoes, two sets of uniform and other basic necessities.




“Career guidance for rural students”


Creating awareness among rural students about choosing their career in future.Conducting some seminars among rural students about the career guidance.



“Donate blood”


Organizing blood donation camps inside our college



“Live after you die” – Donate your organ


Organizing organ donation camps inside our college camps.



“Help an orphanage”


Helping the orphanages by donating necessary materials.




“Help an old age home”


Helping the old age homes by donating necessary materials.



“Learn Technology”


Students are trained to teach basic computer courses, or any other basic engineering courses for rural students at free of cost. Students are encouraged to take free tuitions for eleventh and twelfth students.

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Rules for the executive members:


Rules for the student members: